Top 6 Jobs with highest starting salary in China

Same as the low employment rate of last year, the situation for this year’s graduates will be more severe.

Faced with such fierce competition, are you still planning to get into the popular industry such as IT, Internet, Finance? Do not underestimate some byways! According to the “Education Blue Book”, their starting salary is already among Top 10 in the industry.

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1. Insurance: Starting salary up to 4181 RMB per month

Practitioners in insurance industry have left Chinese job market a conventional impression, resulting in candidates’ low intention to apply for the job.

The data of one job hunter website shows that insurance is the most “un-inquired” industry in spring 2014.

However, the insurance industry is also categorized into financial sector. “Education Blue Book” shows that the starting salary in the financial sector has reached 4181 RMB per month.

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2. Geological Exploration: 3770 RMB per month as starting salary

Geological exploration requires very high technical background, which also determines relatively less intense competition in the industry.

Hard-working character is also a tacit requirement of this work. It is learnt that the salary of geological exploration starts from 3770 RMB per month.

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3. Agent services

Agent services indicate the activities of providing advice, assessing price and brokerage etc. for business.

Agent service was ranked No.2 in the “un-inquired” profession list.

However, we don’t give comment and just check those news about agent employees getting annual bonus of more than 10,000 RMB.

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4. Environmental management: Starting salary reaches 3576 RMB per month

If you think this profession is very strange, its unpopularity is just illustrated.

The work in EPA, monitoring stations, construction and machinery manufacturing etc. is all related to the environmental management. The starting salary has reached 3576 RMB per month.

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5. Mining industry: Salary starts from 3221 RMB per month

The salary of employees in the mining industry is generally high, especially those who work in the mines in remote areas. The survey from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on miners’ salary shows that their salary is 30% higher than the average.

In China, the average starting salary in mining industry is 3221 RMB per month.

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6. Health services: 3109 RMB per month as starting salary

The third unpopular profession in 2014 is health service, but it cannot be ignored that this profession is at the same time ranked No.10 in the starting salary list, with 3109 RMB per month.

If you have the relevant professional skills, do not miss the opportunity.

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