Chinese swimmers’ romantic moment in 2016 Rio Olympic Games

On August 15 (Beijing Time), Chinese swimmer Tingmao Shi won the Women’s 3-meter Springboard Competition with a score of 406.05 points, gaining for Chinese team the eighth champions in this event. Chinese swimmer Zi He picked a silver medal in her second participation to the Olympic Games.

Chinese swimmers' romantic moment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

After the award ceremony, Chinese famous male diver Kai Qin, in love with the silver medalist Zi He for six years, appeared with gifts at the site, in front of the spectator, kneed down with the ring and proposed formally to Zi He.

Chinese swimmers' romantic moment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Kai Qin kept speaking to Zi He. It was a pity that there was no microphone at the scene. Only Zi He heard what he said.

Zi He shed tears and accepted Kai Qin’s proposal, who then put the ring on her hand. The whole spectator and opponents hailed for the pair of lovers with cheers and blessing.

Chinese swimmers' romantic moment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

The opponents hugged Zi He one by another and had yet looked at her engagement ring. CCTV’s commentator Mengmeng Zhang and the guest athlete Na Li were choked by sobbing and could not say anything more.

Chinese swimmers' romantic moment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

At London Olympic Games of four years ago, when Kai Qin didn’t obtain good scores, Zi He sent him a big hug to warm up his disappointment. Four years later, Kai Qin paid back his girlfriend with a wholehearted wedding proposal.

Zi He told the reporter later in an interview that she hopes Kai Qin can make her happy for life!

Chinese swimmers' romantic moment in Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Shanghai Disneyland specific subway — Line No.11

Shanghai Disneyland is officially open to public at 12 pm on June 16th. Two specific subway cars on Disney theme of Line No.11, designed and brought to reality by Shanghai Metro Group and Shanghai Disney Resort, will depart in opposite direction, respectively from Disney Resort Station and Luoshan Road Station.

Inside the subway carriage, lovely cartoon characters are painted on all the doors and walls–Mickey looking at the passenger seats, Goofy sitting with legs crossed and Donald making pyramids. Over the passengers’ heads is a whole piece of blue sky on the roof. Some Disney classic images, as high as passengers and covering six sections of the subway cars, are welcoming the guests by each door along the subway line.

Movie night: “American Dreams in China”

The first time I finished watching this movie, I was feeling so touched, because it reflects what really happened in one Chinese generation that strived to go to US, to study there and tried to settle down by any means.

The movie is about 3 friends, as any student of their generation at that time, who hold one same dream of going to US and meet various difficulties while chasing for that dream. They were very close friends and then apart because of the dream, and finally they again reunited in China and built a successful English language school called “New Dream”. This school helps Chinese teenagers to make their dreams of going to US come true. Before the three co-founders were standing proudly in American stock market for IPO, many story happened with them.

It is said that this stroy is actually telling the real history of China’s largest GMAT, GRE training school “New Oriental”, while the leading actor was interpreting almost similar life of its founder Minhong Yu.

That generation was a hard-working one, many of whom have become successful and are living a decent life in US, but the efforts they put and the pain they went through at that time can only be illustrated in microcosm by this great movie.

This week, one of my Indian friends came to give the sweets, for he has got US Visa and is leaving to Texas next month for further study. In China, the same is also happening. More and more Chinese students go to foreign countries to study and many Chinese families are also applying for immigration to US, Australia, Canada etc.

While the life of next generation is getting better and better, do we still remember to tell them such a story where everybody is struggling for an opportunity to go abroad?