Indian team gained historic victory in FIBA Asia Cup 2014

On July 13th, India basketball team gained the historic victory over Chinese team, with a score 65-58 in the group match of FIBA Asia Cup 2014.

An article in FIBA official website wrote: “Considering that Chinese team defended Irani team on Fifth Asian Basketball Championship in Wuhan last Saturday, Indian team shall have not much advantage on winning, but the outcome was shocking. Indian team achieved a historic victory, with 65-58 points over Chinese one.

7.15_E140715_11Indian team has launched a full-scale attack in the entire first half, though Chinese team scored first in the match. At the same time, it was the first time that Indian team was more than 15 points ahead the opponents before the halftime.

Chinese team then reformed the team structure, but Indian team seemed to have found a way to defeat the enemy. Indian player Pratham Singh and Amujiot Singh got 13 points each and Vishis 10 points. Shang Gao and Qi Zhou are the best performer in the Chinese team, they both got 12 points.

After the match, both teams could not find the right words to describe the game. Indian team was especially excited while Chinese one fell silent.

“I don’t know what to say, because it (defeating Chinese team) never happened before,” said Indian player Brigwashi, “but we really deserve to win, we have put a lot of efforts for this game.”

“I am not surprised,” said Indian coach Fleming, “our players’ performance is excellent, this is a belated victory, now nobody shall not believe our players for no reason.”

“They are a young team, the outcome can be expected. Indian team deserve to win the game, because they performed better than us. We shall learn from the mistake, to win and to lose is a standard issue, but every game shall be a learning process for us.” commented by Chinese coach Huaiyu Wang after the game.

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