China and India’s top creative teams in plan to shoot films together

On July 15, two films jointly produced by Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd. (China), Peacock Mountain Culture Media Co. Ltd. (China), Eros International Media Co. Ltd. (India) and Trinity Studio (India) were introduced at the press conference in India. The two films are “The Chinese wedding” and “The Zookeeper”.


Chinese market invites “Bollywood master” in the pursuit of excellent quality

The director of the film “The Chinese wedding” is Siddharth Anand, who directed the famous Bollywood love comedy “Salaam Namaste” and “Bang Bang”, very popular among Chinese fans. “Bang Bang”, as a Hollywood work penetrating into Bollywood world, is revised from “Knight and Day” starred by Tom Cruise, successfully obtained 3.8 billion rupees at the box office and 7 million dollars within one week after released in North America, ranked Top 10 in North American box office and became one of the biggest winner of the year in India.

China and India's top creative teams in plan to shoot films together
Siddharth Anand

At the back of the film “The Zookeeper” is the director very well known by Chinese spectator, Kabir Khan, who has attracted millions of global fans with the film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” in 2015, which ranked at second place in Indian film history, but also gained a consistent global review: GOOD. The combination of “little girl + big uncle” has kept 100% freshness and scored same points on IMDB as Leonardo DiCaprio’s “The Revenant”: 8.1, while in China, 8.7 on Douban, surpassing “P.K.” by 0.5 points.

China and India's top creative teams in plan to shoot films together
Kabir Khan

In fact, for two Indian film directors, it is of special significance to collaborate with China. Kabir Khan said, “It is an exciting challenge to shoot the film with two languages. It is my first time to create a completely unique role in the new world. China and India share a great similar potential, I wish to create one film that combines two nations’ ethos.” Siddharth Anand provided his thoughts in view of spectator, “I feel very excited to be part of the film that will have broader spectator and to explore new areas and fields. We are making one story that can strike a sympathetic chord in both markets.”


Chinese and Indian top team together to ensure the accurate production system and multinational integration for the very first time

Simply from the film titles, both films have obvious traces of “road movie”, which is a very common type of comedy. “The Chinese wedding” is about one girl born in a traditional Indian family, facing parents’ arranged marriage, eloped with a Chinese boy to China. The entire Indian family members, in a rage, went to China to look for the girl. “The Zookeeper” tells about one zoo in a small town in India, with the business collapsing day by day, the young zookeeper decided to go to China to find one panda for more visitors to the zoo.

Chinese and Indian producing teams are cooperating with each other from the idea and the script of the two films. After more than one year of preparation, the script part has been in the final stage. The following shooting work will be mainly in Beijing and Sichuan respectively.

China and India's top creative teams in plan to shoot films together
“Bang Bang”

Indian company is holding a high expectation for the cooperation. Ajit Thakur, CEO of Trinity Studio attached to Eros International Media Co. Ltd., said, “This is a revolutionary milestone. Trinity Studio is the first Indian producing company in cooperation with China’s Huaxia Film Distribution Co. Ltd. and Peacock Mountain Culture Media Co. Ltd. Our vision is to produce truly global movies. With two famous directors Kabir Khan and Anand, it is a big leap for us to explore Chinese film market – world’s largest and fastest growing film market. We hope to create compelling film content and to weave the two social cultural worldview into the story with two languages. In this way spectator in the two great countries accounting for nearly half of the world’s population will certainly be attracted!”

China and India's top creative teams in plan to shoot films together
“Bajrangi Bhaijaan”

In the aspect of cast and crew, Chinese leading actor and Indian leading actress will star in “The Chinese wedding” and vice versa in “The Zookeeper”. The creative director of both films will be taken up by the Chinese prominent filmmaker Sanping Han.

“The Chinese wedding” and “The Zookeeper” is scheduled to get released in May and at the end of next year respectively, which by the time will bring a special experience to the movie theaters.

Jackie Chan in “Kungfu Yoga” with Indian popular film stars

On June 11th, Shanghai International Film Festival opening ceremony was held in Shanghai Grand Theater, film crew of Chinese movie “Kungfu Yoga” – Chinese director Stanley Tong and the starrings Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee, Mia and Indian stars Sonu Sood and Amyra Dastur – was invited to attend the red carpet presentation.

At the red carpet, the “sino-indian squad” drew the full attention and all fans were screaming for the vigorous leading staff. As the fruit of the “gold combination” of Stanley Tong and Jackie Chan after twelve years, the film is very much awaiting. The director Stanley Tong talked about the funny things happened during the shooting while Jackie Chan gave a lovely yoga posture at the carpet.

“Kungfu Yoga” framed globally with nice landscape in Dubai, Iceland and India. In the meantime, the movie is equipped with high level stars. Indian popular actor Sonu Sood showed up in a sapphire blue gown, Mia in an elegant evening dress while Indian super star Amyra Dastur, sweet and delicate like a doll, walked in a lightsome pace at the ceremony.

It is reported that “Kungfu Yoga” was directed by famous Hong Kong director Stanley Tong, starring Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee, Lay, Sonu Sood and Amrya Dastur. In the film, Jackie Chan, Aarif Lee and Lay forms one treasure hunting team and loads of hilarious things happen all through their way to India. This is the second cooperation between Stanley Tong and Jackie Chan after the movie “Zodia”. “Kungfu Yoga” will be released on the first day of Chinese New Year in 2017 and is eagerly expected.

Knock knock! Top 10 Chinese film beauties

In Chinese, people often use masterpieces to compare to beauties. Nowadays, in the film industry the economic and social value brought with the beautiful faces is enormous. From the silent movie era until now, who are the most beautiful Chinese in the modern entertainment circle? Let’s take a look here!


Top 10 – Jingchu Zhang

A zero defect face in plastic surgeons’ eyes

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 9 – Wei Zhao

A confident superwoman look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 8 – Yifei Liu

A fairy look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 7 – Wei Tang

An intellectual modern look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 6 – Xiaoran Li

An highly-recognizable look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 5 – Bingbing Li

A global prize winner look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 4 – Ziyi Zhang

An international big shot look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 3 – Bingbing Fan

A delicate look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 2 – Xun Zhou

An elf look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties


Top 1 – Yuanyuan Gao

A pure and innocent look

Top 10 Chinese film beauties 201604302.2

China as guest of honor in the International Film Festival of India

On November 20th, 45th International Film Festival of India officially opened in Panaji – capital of Goa – the Indian seaside resort. China is the guest of honor this year and Mr. Gang Tong – deputy director of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China, Mr. Tony Leung and Ms. Ziyi Zhang – Chinese famous movie stars, attended the opening ceremony and the lighting function as distinguished guests.

China in the International Film Festival of India as guest of honorChinese movies become a major highlight of this film festival. The Festival especially set up the unit “Focus on China” and nine Chinese films including “Finding Mr. Right”, “Silent Witness” and “Caught in the Web” will be showcased.China in the International Film Festival of India as guest of honor

In addition, Chinese film “Genuine Love” will compete for the big prize of the Festival – Golden Peacock Award in the International Competition unit. The film “The Grandmaster” directed by Wong Kar-Wai will also be played as the closing film of the Festival.

Mr. Arun Jaitley, India’s Minister of Finance and of Information & Broadcasting, gave a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that films, same as cricket, are beloved by Indian people. In the past decade, Bollywood films are turning commercialized, which is believed to make Indian film industry more professional.

Mr. Jaitley, together with India’s most popular actor Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, awarded the annual Indian Filmmaker Memorial Award to the Indian legendary actor Mr. Rajnikanth. The film festival organizing committee also announced that Hongkong director Wong Kar-Wai would be awarded Lifetime Achievement Award of this Festival at the closing ceremony.

The Festival will end on November 30th and there will be 179 films from all over the world to be showcased.

International Film Festival of India began in 1952, held annually since 1975, is India’s largest and most influential film festival and also one of the international “A” list festivals.

Movie Night: “So Young”

I watched this movie more than twice. It reminds me of the time when I was studying in the university. The movie is based on one novel and shows vividly the Chinese campus life in 1980s. The love stories in the movie display young girls’ different concepts of choosing life partners after graduation.

This movie is directed by one Chinese actress named Zhao Wei who acted in another famous movie in her youth . For me, everytime I watch this movie and read this actress’s name on the screen, I feel like going down the memory lane and going back to that period of youth…

Also I hope you will enjoy the music from the popular band Suede.

Indian team gained historic victory in FIBA Asia Cup 2014

On July 13th, India basketball team gained the historic victory over Chinese team, with a score 65-58 in the group match of FIBA Asia Cup 2014.

An article in FIBA official website wrote: “Considering that Chinese team defended Irani team on Fifth Asian Basketball Championship in Wuhan last Saturday, Indian team shall have not much advantage on winning, but the outcome was shocking. Indian team achieved a historic victory, with 65-58 points over Chinese one.

7.15_E140715_11Indian team has launched a full-scale attack in the entire first half, though Chinese team scored first in the match. At the same time, it was the first time that Indian team was more than 15 points ahead the opponents before the halftime.

Chinese team then reformed the team structure, but Indian team seemed to have found a way to defeat the enemy. Indian player Pratham Singh and Amujiot Singh got 13 points each and Vishis 10 points. Shang Gao and Qi Zhou are the best performer in the Chinese team, they both got 12 points.

After the match, both teams could not find the right words to describe the game. Indian team was especially excited while Chinese one fell silent.

“I don’t know what to say, because it (defeating Chinese team) never happened before,” said Indian player Brigwashi, “but we really deserve to win, we have put a lot of efforts for this game.”

“I am not surprised,” said Indian coach Fleming, “our players’ performance is excellent, this is a belated victory, now nobody shall not believe our players for no reason.”

“They are a young team, the outcome can be expected. Indian team deserve to win the game, because they performed better than us. We shall learn from the mistake, to win and to lose is a standard issue, but every game shall be a learning process for us.” commented by Chinese coach Huaiyu Wang after the game.

Movie night: “American Dreams in China”

The first time I finished watching this movie, I was feeling so touched, because it reflects what really happened in one Chinese generation that strived to go to US, to study there and tried to settle down by any means.

The movie is about 3 friends, as any student of their generation at that time, who hold one same dream of going to US and meet various difficulties while chasing for that dream. They were very close friends and then apart because of the dream, and finally they again reunited in China and built a successful English language school called “New Dream”. This school helps Chinese teenagers to make their dreams of going to US come true. Before the three co-founders were standing proudly in American stock market for IPO, many story happened with them.

It is said that this stroy is actually telling the real history of China’s largest GMAT, GRE training school “New Oriental”, while the leading actor was interpreting almost similar life of its founder Minhong Yu.

That generation was a hard-working one, many of whom have become successful and are living a decent life in US, but the efforts they put and the pain they went through at that time can only be illustrated in microcosm by this great movie.

This week, one of my Indian friends came to give the sweets, for he has got US Visa and is leaving to Texas next month for further study. In China, the same is also happening. More and more Chinese students go to foreign countries to study and many Chinese families are also applying for immigration to US, Australia, Canada etc.

While the life of next generation is getting better and better, do we still remember to tell them such a story where everybody is struggling for an opportunity to go abroad?