Filipino-Chinese students join Mandarin summer camp in Quanzhou

On 18 April, 104 Filipino-Chinese students from Chinese language Summer Camp 2016, with their 5 leading teachers, reached Quanzhou Normal University and started their Chinese learning journey for a period of 55 days.

Filipino-Chinese students from Chinese language Summer Camp 2016

During their stay, Quanzhou Normal University will offer several basic courses such as Chinese intensive reading, listening and speaking, reading, writing and so, as well as some skill courses such as folk customs, music, dance, Chinese film appreciation. In addition, trainings and sightseeing activities specialised in Chinese tradition are provided to the studnets, for instance, Southern Fujian culture presentation, calligraphy and Chinese Kung Fu, Quanzhou Culture tour, inter-college fellowship activity and natural local scenery tour. Through learning and cultural exchange in the camp, the students will gain a better understanding of Quanzhou city and the profound Chinese culture, which will strengthen the affection on their ancestral home. Filipino-Chinese students from Chinese language Summer Camp 2016

It is reported that the Chinese language summer camp for Filipino-Chinese students is hosted by China Overseas Exchange Association and COEA of Fujian province, sponsored by Mr. Yongcai Chan, famous overseas Chinese leader and honorary chairman of Quanzhou Normal University. The camp has been held 15 times since 2001, benefitting over millions of students. For Quanzhou Normal University this is the 6th succesfully organised summer camp in the campus.

paper cutting in Chinese Summer Camp

United Nations show love of Chinese calligraphy

On August 1st, He Yong, head of United Nations Chinese group said in Wuhan that Chinese calligraphy is becoming popular in UN and currently more than 300 people are learning calligraphy. However, on the contrary, many Chinese often forget how to write the characters while lifting the pen. Ge Changyong, vice chairman of Hubei Calligraphy Association said it is worth an introspection in China.

United Nations' love of Chinese calligraphy      United Nations' love of Chinese calligraphy

At the same day, an art exhibition of UN officials’ calligraphy work was held in Qintai Grand Theatre, displaying more than 60 pieces of calligraphy work by UN officials, of which UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s calligraphy work “Qu Ze Quan” was exhibited for the first time in Wuhan and the second time in China.

UN official Terence is getting obsessed about Chinese calligraphy. He said that every Chinese character interprets thousands of years history and profound Chinese culture, “this is the treasure of the world”. He Yong said that currently a calligraphy class is given in UN every week, more than 300 people are eager to attend. Many UN officials showed their calligraphy skills at the exhibition.

Mr. Ge was deeply moved by the foreign friends’ passion on the calligraphy. With the popularity of computers, many Chinese often forget the character while writing in pen, not to mention practicing calligraphy. “Calligraphy is the key to Chinese traditional culture. In comparison to the UN officials’ love of calligraphy, the inheritance of Chinese calligraphy to Chinese people is apparently far not enough.”