Chinese Embassy in Belarus held a film reception to assist local students with learning Chinese

On April 13, Chinese Embassy in Belarus organised a special fim reception for the local primary and secondary school students who are learning Chinese. About 80 attendees were invited, including Chinese volunteers from Confucius Institute and the teacher and student representatives from schools running Confucius classrooms and Chinese language courses. They watched together the Chinese movie “Flying Swords of Dragon Gate”.

Chinese Embassy in Belarus assist students with learning Chinese

Mr. Qiming Cui, Chinese Ambassador in Belarus, made a speech at first. He warmly welcomed the guests and said that with the relations between Belarus and China developping rapidly in recent years and the bilateral cooperation continuously deepened in various fields, Byelorussian and Chinese young people’s interest in learning the other country’s language and culture is increasing. More and more primary and secondary school students opt for Chinese courses in Belarus. Relevant activities would be carried out in the Embassy to help them understand better Chinese language and China.


Chinese Ambassador in Belarus made speech about learning Chinese

Byelorussian teachers and students watched the Chinese movie with strong interest, afterwards, Mr. Cui, the Ambassador, communicated actively with the students and answered their questions about Chinese history. At the end of the reception, the students showed the great pleasure to have such an opportunity to participate in, saying that the activity had offered them the medium of learning Chinese culture and enhanced their motivation to learn Chinese language and culture.

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